Friday, November 30, 2012

Back to Yesteryears

I've always wanted to live in the mid 60's and 70's. I've always wanted to be courted like what boys do on that year. All though I don't have the exact idea how boys court on that year cause obviously I was born on the 90's; but based on the movies that I've watched wherein the concept was 70's/80's.. all the boys their was so passionate on how will they express their feelings with the one they love. Like, giving flowers (which is still applicable on the present year, e.g teenage lovers); when on a date, the boys has to fetch the girl he's courting as a sign of respect to the parents of the girl (today, through the influence of technology, the boys only has to text the girl that she wants their meeting place to have their date. worse, the girl pay for the expenses/food they eat during the date);  and also, receiving love letters (Oh yeah, technology ruined that part again, cause there is an email which is a one click away and there is no hassle for you to write :p)

One of my dream was to experience those hopefully before I die. Someone already gave me flowers way back highschool haha it was prom and the-one-who-can't-be-named gave me flowers as a token for me to dance with him. It was pretty embarrassing yet kilig cause most of my batchmates saw it and start teasing us. Haha it was a pretty good experience though hihi. And last month another kilig moment happened. Someone gave me these bunch of love letters (not clearly a love letter, he just loves to write hahaha loljk)

This the-one-who-can't-be-named-2 guy who I met online a few months ago and later this November he contacted me for him to give these bunch of letters  together with those cute little thing guys. (which I clearly don't understand why he gave me naruto action figures, I don't like naruto. Haha nonetheless, I appreciate the effort so much!). I've always been so nice to every person who pm me through facebook and twitter but this one caught my attention. He likes talking to me when not other people does, and he rides to all my lame jokes haha. He's really nice and thoughtful that's why I gave him my number which I do not normally give to other people (strangers) who asks for it. We became so close that we became attached to each other, too attached actually which in my perception is not a good thing because I am still also attached to my first love and I don't want to make him feel that I am just using him to get over with my firstlove. THAT'S NOT RIGHT. Nobody deserves to be treated like that! So we/I decided to go onto out separate ways/lives to fully understand or to be awakened by the reality. I'm glad that he respects my decision, I'm thankful for that. I just need more time to fully get over with one stupid guy. Haha

Hopefully, the fetching thinggy a guy who will do that for me will be my future husband. I don't want many boyfriends. All I want is a faithful husband ♥ I'm so kornyyyy :|

Living in 60's/70's,
Ayette ♥

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