Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Aren't you excited about Halloweens? Well, I do! Though it is my/our first time to celebrate Halloween (because obviously Philippines doesn't celebrate such event for some reasons). I am so happy that finally Mom listens to my request for quite a long time ago. I really wanted Halloween because it is the time where you can be anything, be anyone you would like to become, for fun purposes hehe. (And also it is my perfect time to enhance to self-proclaim makeup skills Bahaha)

I was thinking what should I be this Halloween and I ended up being a human skeleton

So far, I've receive compliments which makes me so kilig haha. By the way, I did not use any facepaint orwhatsoever. This was all pure makeup (e.g Light Cream Foundation, Eye shadows, Eyepencil Liner) I don't have enough time to buy such and clearly I have no idea where to buy such haha. Well atleast it doesn't turn out so bad. (I guess?)
I also did my sisters' makeup which are as Vampire and as Zombie. My older sister as Vampire and my younger sister as a Zombie.


Haha my sister even tore her shirt for the sake of winning the best-dressed award and also my older sister even bought a cape. I'm surprised that they're so prepared for the event. :)) And party afterwards!!! ♥

I look scary in the photo above O.o,
Ayette ☺

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