Friday, November 02, 2012

Our Baby Earl's Christening

After how many months.. the long wait is finally over. You're now a christian our Baby Earl! Yey! Hehe. "Welcome to the Christian world!" O:)

It took us almost 2hours to prepare for the event for the first time. If you read my previous posts.. I've got addicted to make-up lately and so as my sisters.. The day before the Baptismal, my sisters already make me agree to be their make-up artist and so as to be their fashion guide. The week before the said date, me and my older sister went to Divi (which is obviously her first time -.-) to find cheap yet fancy get up for the Baptismal.. She had no idea what to wear so she asked for some advise and I decided to come with her.. Luckily, 
I've been to Divisoria A LOT of times. I love buying good stuffs at Divi, its cheap in terms of the price, but its NOT cheap in terms of the quality (well there are some haha). Blah blah blah and so we succeeded finding one (make that four, my sister is such a money spenderrr!) Yay! When we got home my younger sister is so jealous and asked me to come with her at divi the day after that! WOAH! I couldn't say no, that wawa face of hers always makes me wanna say yes :( Good thing I already bought a dress and a Blazer online so yeah, no hassle. Haha. ! hour for the make-ups, 1 hour for the dress up, and we're almost late -_- Great! haha

Baptismal was held at (somewhere along..) Makati, 2:00pm onwards- Party held at Flores Residence ;) Huhu Earl has a bad mood that time, he cries the entire baptismal ceremony huhu. :( Even in the picture taking part with his Godfather and mothers..


Happy Christening Earl! Love, Nanay and Tatay ☺

I love you baby!,
Tita Ayie ♥

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