Friday, November 30, 2012

The Rocker Old Me

Way back Higschool with the influence of my older sister, I want to be a rocker although at that time I do not clearly know what the word "rocker" means, I just what to be rocker because my older sister was a rocker wherein she wears black clothes, black eyeliner, all her things was black and she plays guitars. I was amused that she has a lot of suitors at that age and with that personality. I was really jealous at her. My first crush in elementary embarrassed me in front of my other classmates because he found out that I have a crush on him. He said bad words about me and ruined my self-esteem (huhu I still remember that day and it still makes me sad up until now huhu). So for my crush to notice me I try to become like my older sister thinking that if I will be a rocker, my crush will like me and gain many suitor like what happened to my ate. But I turned out horribly and turn out to be so manly and no one ever had a crush on me. EVER haha. Boys thinks I am one of them so no one likes me, or maybe because I'm just really plain ugly ever since. Haha

In case you're wondering, my first and only elementary crush admitted to me that he likes me last 2010 or '11 when me and my other elementary batchmates had a mini reunion and he asked my number and texted if he can court me. I reply... HELL NO!! (Hahaha, karma has its own ways haha) 

You don't have to change for others to like you, just wait.. God will plan a perfect love story for you ♥

Punks nga eh!,
Ayette \m/

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