Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome to Manila, Kathy!

Saw this random photos on Facebook and I told myself  "Why didn't I ever post this?!" Fuck. So yeah, our cousin from Dumaguete came here in Manila for their school's OJT. We went to the Hotel where she and her other classmates was checked in and luckily there was a Mcdo across the street and ate together with her. It was already 10 oclock in the evening and unfortunately all Malls were all closed so we have no choice but the endure the good ambiance of Mcdo (Hahahaha loljk)

The next day, we went to MOA (I can't find where my sister uploaded the pictures, damn!) to spent more quality to with her. I miss my cousins in  Dumaguete :( how I wish we can be their again for vacation some other time. Hihi

Miss u Katkat!,
Ayette ♥

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