Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I bet you can't read the blog title straight huh? Hahahahahahahaha, me too.

Introduction sucks haha lol. Oh well.. December month has been the most busiest month for me this year. Quizzes, Thesis, Parties,  Events and Errands in just one month. To sum it all up, I made this mini calendar a few minutes ago and I can't hardly remember what happened on the blanked days but yeah, that's how my December month went so far. Also, December month is broke month. I can't believe I spent thousands this month! Good thing I saved some money before December starts. Phew! 

One thing I love about December is that, although it is only December 1, you can already feel the Christmas spirit through social networking sites (well for some. ho ho). I love December because it is the season of sharing and giving that only happen once in a year (Oh c'mon... >:)) I love givinggg most especially to my dearest love ones without expecting something in return (seriously, cross my heart.) As much as I want to do a giveaway on the upcoming anniversary of this blog (and also as an experience hihi. I wonder what it feels to giveaway something online) I'm afraid that only few people will join the said giveaway :( So yeah, better not -.-

But most of all, let us not forget what are we really celebrating this month. It's Jesus Christ's birthday! Our savior's birthday! I'm so thankful that He blessed me in so many ways and has given me all I ever wanted in life. He make me feel contented on what I have and I will not regret all the negative things that came into my life because that's what makes me who I am right now. Thank you, Papa Jesus ♥

Happy Holidays everyone!,
Ayette ♥

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