Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Galaxy Shoes

I've been busy these past few weeks (as usual) for some reasons. First is, I got addicted to Art again. 'Again' because I remember in my Grade school years I'm so attached to art and I always convince my Mom to buy me watercolor, color pencils and canvas pad. (although I sucks at drawing hahaha I just love painting, coloring and such) I remember my Mom always reprimand me whenever were in National book store and I keep on putting any coloring material on our cart and she'll just notice it when we get back home (cause I usually pay at the cashier because I like to HAHA). And then two weeks ago, I saw a pair of Galaxy shoes on Facebook and I am so inlove with ittt. I try to find one on any online shop but I can't find one and I was thinking 'If I can't buy one, why not make one?". And this crazy idea just pooped into my head to make my own Galaxy shoes. 

First is I bought some materials that are needed to make one (this cost too much amp :( I literally need to save money for the upcoming Christmas and here I am spending it all huhu)

I bought this Textile paints. (It also gave me a hard time to find these some are not available in National book store so I have to make an effort to go to Expression hoping they have it and fortunately they have it :">. I can't find a pink textile pink elsewhere so I use red instead and just mixed it with white to have pink). You can also use Multipurpose paint.

If you have a black shoes lucky for you. And since I don't have a black shoes, I painted my shoes black instead.

**When your materials is all laid down on the floor, make sure you have a newspaper beneath it or you'll end up cleaning your room because it's all messy**

When I'm done painting my shoes black.. I let it dry first for like a day and wait for it to be completely dry and paint it randomly using blue, violet and pink paint...

And for the stars; Get an old toothbrush of yours and dip it into white paint and start sprinkling it onto the shoes. You can also use toothpick for bigger stars ;)

So yeaaah.. here is my DIY Galaxy shoes ;) I hope (whoever is reading this) you will get the right outcome that you like with your shoes :>

Ayette ♥