Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the World?

Natatawa padin ako pag maraming nagsasabi na end of the world ngayon. Haha to think na Christians sila ah. I mean, if you really believe in God, you will have faith in God in all means you should remember that He will protect you always and will give the best for you always.

Sige sabihin na naten End of the World na nga bukas o kaya mamaya, if ever He let you choose either to survive alone or to die with all the other people and be with Him.. what will choose? Would you rather eat all the free foods on the Groceries until you were choke to death? Would you shop alone on the Malls and get what you what because it'll give you pleasure? Would you celebrate all the occasion alone and do what you want to do all day long? Or would you rather be in Heaven with your family, friends, and most especially God. Isipin mo na lang na instead na mamamatay ka nga bukas o mamaya, parang way lang yon para papuntahin o I welcome ka ni God sa bahay nya. Don't be so negative on such things. Everything happens for a reason and there is no one to blame about everything especially God. 

God loves all He created and He wouldn't just destroy it all because the Mayan calendar is already ended or just because Mayans said so. Believe in God, believe in God's words.. that He will not destroy the world again. Have faith in Him. believe in Him.

What if its true? 
Simple. Live your life to the fullest, be the craziest person you want to be. Share all the laughters with your friends and Family. Don't live your life with lies and regrets. Don't get stuck in the past because you're afraid to explore more. Life is too short to be unhappy. You only live once so why not make the most out of it? Be thankful that God has given you a chance to live on his Earth. be thankful that He let you experience love, hatred, joy, anger, etc. Be thankful that He make people to be your company. Be thankful that He created you despite of your fact in mind that it is the End of the World tomorrow.

What if its not true?
Well the we're so lucky! Will still have more time to explore all the great possibilities that life may bring us. It is also a wake up call that we should not live behind any fear that came along us. We should conquer all our fears in life to be able to enjoy life without any boundaries. Life is full of surprises, we may fail sometimes but it is only a test for us to be stronger than before. To be who we are right now and who we will become in the future. And most importantly, thank God for giving you a longer life to live and let you experience more adventure in life. Be thankful your alive, be thankful that He protect us. Have faith.

I don't know why I have so many feelings regarding about this matter. Haha I'm such a weirdo Hahahaha Masaya lang ako at sobrang blessed ako na may Pamilya, kaibigan, at mga taong nagpapasaya sakin ngayon dahil kay God. Without Him I wouldn't be in here typing this nonsense thing hahahaha.


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