Thursday, December 20, 2012

Feeling Fashyown

I've been wanting to blog this for so loooong HAHAHA. I'm so jealous of Kryz, Laureen and Camille's blog and all other Fashion Bloggers and I also wanted to do the same....for a change. Hahahaha

Yeah I now my figure doesn't suit the requirement of being a fashion blogger which sucks a lot! Haha from now on, I ought thee that I will take my diet seriously. *joke inserted* Hahaha loljk seriously, I don't want to be the Fat Ayette again from way back elementary :(

Without further do, here is my outfitey on my Aunt Susan's Wedding (why am I excitedd? hahaha)

 Gold Ring from Mom; Ribbon Ring from Robinsons Department Store

 Top (A gift from a friend); Skirt from Cinderella; Shoes from Figlia

Shoes from Figlia

Huhu my makeup fails to cover my Zombie face :( I haven't sleep yet since yesterday I was doing some Art business Hahaha. I look really stiff on the second photo, I will improve that on my next fashion blog (Wow may balak umulit?! Hahaha) I'll blog about Aunt's Susan wedding when my sipag veins reunited again. Adios :)

Feeling Fashyown,
Ayette ♥

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