Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beauty Goodies

My addiction to make-up had gone wild these past couple of days. ALL of the make-up I'm using are from my Mom and my older sister and some are gifts from my friends when I turned eighteen. Ever since, I never think of buying make-up because in reality, I wouldn't use them after all cause it irritates me when I wore make-up outside (I tried once hehe) and so I ended up to beautify myself before I take my shower or every majestical days instead. But last last week, I unconsciously stayed up all late trying to find beauty goodies online and have this guilt feeling of just staring at them at not buying them :( Soooooo, yup, you guessed it right, I bought SOME make-up goodies and now I'm broke. And last week, I also bought some lipsticks, also online because they're gahd damn gorgeous :( (Forgot to take some photos of I bought last last week cause I'm too damn lazy and I don't have a HD cam, oh great -.- and I my lipstick is still haven't delivered to me yet)

The first thing I bought was Liquid eyeliner and Lip liner pencils. I need liquid eyeliner so bad so I find the cheapest one haha. (Yeeah, I'm that cheap at things I less often use haha)

Here are the shades of Lipstick that I bought: (photos were from the Online shop where I bought 'em)

Also, I'm in to tutorials lately so I also bought these fake Eye lashes and Eyelash glue at Japans Home which cost only 88 pesos! Haha (except for the glue) My other eyelashes were used at the Fashionista at school so I have to buy more pairs huhu.

Nonetheless, I feel extremely happy every time I look at my beauty goodies. <3 font="font">
By the way, I bought these from Digit Transcase, they sells different kinds of make-up products with a very affordable price! hihi

Make-up guru wannabe,
Ayette ♥

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