Thursday, January 17, 2013

Girl to Boy Make-up Transformation

Yup, call me weird. Hahahaha
It's been a week now since I last posted the video on how I turn myself from a Girl to Boy using make-up. And it's pretty weird that 100 people already viewed it, seriously. Haha I AM NOT INTO FAME or something, I just did this for fuuuun. 

It is my first video make-up tutorial on Youtube and a lot of my friends has been asking me to do more make-up tutorials.. but how? I DON'T A HAVE VIDEO CAM. :( I only record my videos using my trusty old cellphone (Yeah, that's why the quality of the video sucks :p) Well, I've been saving up money for like a week now, bare with me.. I even try not to meals at school just to save money. But video cam is not really my top priority right now haha. Doc Martens boots is on my number one wishlist, so yeah, I'm saving up for boots, not for video cam. Haha but you know, maybe by midyear I'll be able to buy one..with the help of my Dad, because I'm his favorite daughter, because I study hard, because don't ask for any luxury all the time, and because I'm pretty. Looool joke Hahahahaha. 

I'm just a girl, who loves make-up :) Enjoy!!

Etteya ♥

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