Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

I've been asking myself lately.. "How does my 2012 goes?" And all this crazy moments just literally flashing back to me. For some reasons.. I think my 2012 is so far one of my best years evah. 2011 has been very very mean and bad to me. I'm so bipolar and I keep on hating and fighting everyone including my family. So last year my goal is to change the "Masungit Ayette" back to the "Mapagmahal Ayette". And I'm pretty sure I meet my goal. Hahahaha. Less fights, less dramas with my family and friends and hello to more love, more friends <3 font="font">

I'm so blessed that I've been so close with my family again. (cause usually I argue with them a lot haha) I get to bond with them atleast once every month. And I don't get mad easily (ACHIEVEMENT). Thank you 2012 for changing me and let the Bad Ayette go away! Hihi

As much as I want to thank everyone who made me a better person one by one I don't have much time to type you all down, got some thesis to run to. Haha
But, THANK YOU. For those people who has been with me throughout the years. (drama ng peg) For those who stayed and those who not. THANK YOU.

Though 2011 has been a rough year to me.. bumawi ng bonggang bongga si God and made my 2012 supah awesomeee. <3 awesome="awesome" be="be" extra="extra" font="font" hihi="hihi" hope="hope" this="this" will="will" year="year">


I couldn't ask for more, 
Ayette ♥

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