Friday, January 04, 2013

New Year's Resolution x Wishlist 2013

I'm at school library right now cause I have some thesis thing to finish which I didn't expect Ill'd finish quickly so yeah I ended up blogging instead. I hope the librarian won't caught me typing nonsense. Hahaha.

I wanted to share you guys what are my New Year's resolution this 2013. Well I didn't really make one or write down one cause I know I wouldn't keep it anyway so I came up with this just now. (I'm so boreddd)
I checked my last year's New Year's resolution blog post and it's not surprising that I only achieved 2 or 3 of my resolutions. Well, when you looked at it, it is somehow impossible to happen anyway haha. So yeah, this time It's gonna be different and hopefully I will do them all this year! Oh yeaaah

New Year's Resolution slash lokohin and sarili 2013:
  1. I will not be short tempered anymore.
  2. To read more books this year (not only school related but also the fiction books.)
  3. Lessen enemies. Gain more friends.
  4. Be patience, kind and down to earth.
  5. Go to church to more often as I could.
  6. Be sensitive
Actually my only New Year's resolution is to lessen my laziness... cause I'm tooo mega super bonggang lazy. haha

By the way, last night when I can't really sleep, I bring out my diary and write all the things that I want to have this year. (wishlist) Well my brother told me to make a wishlist on New Year's eve but I'm too tired to do so and just wrote it all down last night. He said that: make a wishlist and keep it. At the end of the year, open it and you'll get surprise and check all the things that you were able to bought that year. Sounds fun so I tried it :-)

So here is my New Year's wishlist:

  1. Doc Martens boots. (I really want to have one of those every since!!!)
  2. More than 20 nail polishes hihi
  3. New books to read
  4. Primadonna heels!
  5. Keds or Vans shoes
  6. Galaxy leggings
  7. Satchel bag
  8. More paints for my crafts!
  9. Make-up brushes PLS PLS PLS
  10. Lipsticks!
  11. Brown/dark brown pants
  12. Make-up organizer/box
  13. EOS lip balm (not the fake ones haha)
  14. More sweatshirts, baseball shirts. :3
  15. Faded strip top; any color.
  16. Studded ombre shorts
  17. More flat shoes/sandals
  18. Bought that flipflops that Mom is dying to buy since ages.
  19. Buy a new pair of sandals for Dad.
  20. New laptooooooop

Yup, I'm that much money spenderr haha. I will definitely save money to buy those! I don't want giftss, I wanna buy them with my own moneyy :'>

Been sitting here for an hour now, must get this lazy ass get going and do some errands...

Ayette ♥

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