Friday, February 01, 2013

Feb-ibig Month

Yes it's February! Time flies so fasssst and I still wasn't able to finish my surprise for my bestfriend this coming Valentines! Actually it is my present to her on her last birthday but I don't have much time to finish it due to some school works :( so up until now, I'm still not done yet. Well my surprise/birthday present to her was a scrapbook. It is not just an ordinary scrapbook!!! Dugo't pawis ko yon! Chos! Hahaha. 

My surprise for her is: Through LBC on Valentines, she will receive a package (of course its from me) A scrapbook in a box, a chocolate, a rose and "special note" . HIHI I feel like I'm her boyfriend. Hahahaha well I need to make bawi because I have many atraso na to her. (so conyo) OMG can't waitttt.

Plus, I'm thinking of a surprise for my classmates. I'm thinking of a heart shaped chocolate lollipop since it's the only thing I know how to do all by myself, and a note "I love you" on it. 

I wanna share love on Valentines day and it's the only thing on my mind on how will I make them feel that I love them ♥ I want my friends to know that I appreciate them for letting me be the person who I am right now, for giving me laughter every school days, for laughing at me when I got low score on tests hahahahaha, I wanna let them feel that their loved ♥ Moreover, whether it is Valentines day or not, you should always make your friends feel that their are special to you. 

Can't wait to celebrate my whole Valentines day with my friends!!!

(Yep, my blog is still under going some editing and stuff, but I'll fix it as soon as I have tons of free time)

Sweet like sugar,
Ayette ♥

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