Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Went Cray Cray

Any minute by now and its already March! Yoohoo hello summer break! Oh crap I DON'T have summer break.. I have to comply on my OJT

My Month of February went cray cray (artee haha) and that's why I haven't post a new blogpost in this blog. but I keep my top-secret blog updated as possible! So without further do, here are some of the most cray cray part of my february! (Instead of making a post in every topic. All in one na haha)

1. I've been busy this whole month of February due to the huge storm called Thesis. It's every college student's nightmare. You have to do tons of paperworks and the worst thing is, if you want to graduate, you don't have a choice but to do it. So yeah, lazy won't work on college. And there's the defense part which I hate the most because I tend to be shaky and nervous when I'm upfront with anybody. In short, THESIS IS THE WORST PART IN COLLEGE LIFE!! 

2. Also, this month is asthma month. I can't recall how many times I experienced difficulty in breathing because of my asthma. Worst scenario is.. when I'm in school, and I have class.. I was literally crying because I can't breath. And I hate it because I don't want to seek attention and it end up the opposite.

3. This month of February, I was able to test my makeup skills among my classmates. Every college day, there's this day themed Fashionista and of course you don't wanna be naked (without makeup on) on stage! That'll be a total suicide for your chance of winning. Somewhat, it boosts the confidence of the Model to go up on stage because she feels good about herself.. because s/he looks good with her/his makeup on. 

4. In continuation of number three.. February is also broke month. I always tend to loose 
something I borrow from my friend when I do someone else's makeup and  I FREAKIN DON'T KNOW WHY!!! So ofcource I have to replace them. With a little amount from my allowance, I have to skip my lunch in order for me to save money and replace the things I accidentally lost. Lesson learned: Be tidy when doing your makeup, cause they're sneaky and loss elsewhere. DAMN IT!!!

Yeah, I'm too messy while doing other's makeup. -_-

So in order for me not to borrow and also loss something that does not belong to me, I am planning to buy this set of Makeup (I'll post the details when I already bought it haha) I can't waitttttttt! ♥ But, I have to replace the things I lost first before this.. hays

And yeah... I think that is pretty much it, what a looooooooong post. haha. Btw, here are some photo bomb that I like the most during the fashion event! 

Thanks for reading ☺,

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