Saturday, March 30, 2013

Congratulations Bro!

Bro finally Graduated from College!!! He's so stressed actually because he keeps on bragging about getting a job as soon as he graduate. My brother is so "In" when in comes to the technology and he will do whatever it takes just to get it. Last summer, he recently got his new Iphone 4s and some other gadgets, he even bought us 3 blackberrys. And recently, when the new Iphone 5 was introduce in the market he keeps on telling my Dad to buy it for him as a graduation gift. That's why he wanted to get a job urgently to buy whatever he wants to 'cause we're not that fortunate to buy all those luxuries. hahaha its funny knowing that I don't give a damn about what's new and what's not. I only care if my phone has an internet connection, then I'm happy haha. 

Well this last March 23, he graduated from Philippine Women's University located at Taft in the course of Human Resource management (seriously, I'm not even sure hahaha) all I know is that he cooks ALL THE TIME. -____- I envy him. huhu. Cause that's my dream course! Too bad PLM doesn't have a course of Culinary. cry cry :( Anywayyyy, PWU only allowed 2 guests every graduate students so Mom and Nanay came with him :) Before heading out to the after party at Glorietta.. I still have exams, 2 exams actually and that gives me an idea of making a surprise for bro hehe and luckily my two sisters agreed with my plan :> It was actually a last minute plan that I came up with and even sacrifice reviewing for my exam just to edit the layout of the tarp that should be printed the next morning. It wasn't that easy editing at all, it may look simple but I assure you, it took me 1 and half hours editing it.

Bro got surprised and said "Wow parang cum laude lang ah" Hahahahaha. Btw, we ate at Dad's located at Glo. 

It was the best place to pig-out!!! Remember the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The lightning thief? In the casino part wherein Percy and the gang was trap in the casino because they all feel so hyped and don't wanna leave the place forever? When I was in there, that was the first thing that pops into my mind. That's the identifier of Dad's for me! It's the perfect place celebrate special occasions! Unlimited food plus there are many foods to choose from!! I wish I can go back in there next time! :">

Earl playing hide and seek with bro hehe cutie!!

I even met Sir Ramon Bautista while buying crafts at National Books Store. He's in the fiction book section and I said: "Sir ramon papaicture naman oh..' *insert super kilig face* You can see in the picture below how kilig my face looks likeeee eeehhhh :">

Before I end this post, How about some outfit of the day post eh? Hahaha. Lovin' my DMs boots :">

What a tiring yet fun day!!! Hope Dad was there with us :( Haaaay hope he'll be home SOON. I miss him so much :(

Congrats bro!,
Ayette ♥

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