Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March: Thesis

Frankly, I don't know what to blog.. but there's this force within me telling me that I should blog. So maybe another "how my month so far has been" post eh? haha

March has been known as deadlines for tons of projects, thesis, and clearance (for students), in order to surpass all that, you must brace yourself and have faith in yourself. charot lang! All you need is KASIPAGAN hahaha.
And that is mainly my goal this month! To be industrious more often! So far, I've "conquer" some of the huge wave of March (e.g, thesis, long quizess and exams) though I must admit that my grades aren't that high, my only concern is to PASS. Yolo! hahahaha

Quizess: Check!
Exams: On-going
Thesis: Check!

My thesis-mates agreed to have a uniformed corporate attire on our defense. Haha its pretty hilarious when everybody is saying that we look like a waiter/waitress in a local restaurant.. and I don't mind, I think we look cute that day ;) hehe. It went well except in our first panel, I got really nervous and I wasn't able to answer her question. My legs are shaking and I literally wanna cry after what happened. but I don't want to let my group mates down so I focused on improving my vocals and grammar rather that be tense and feel sorry the whole day and ruined every hard work that we put in to it. Nonetheless, we got tremendous grades from the exceeding panels! Yeyyy

All the overnight and hard work paid off! I feel like I remove the "cat" on my chest after defense! And I sure don't wanna experience that again! (though I know it's impossible because in senior year, we all have our individual thesis. Whoever invented 'thesis'.. I hate youuuu!!)

Well so far that is the highlight of my March, cause most my days spent on making our thesis and reviewing for long quizzes and finals. Yes, my life is boring as hell. ><

Thanks for reading,
Ayette ♥

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