Friday, June 28, 2013

Time Travel Afternoon

This  afternoon, in our Guidance and Counseling subject which I really love by the way! (Even though it is hard for me to open up with my other classmates because I don't want them to pity me because of my story blah blah blah) was all about our childhood; whether it is a good or bad experiences. I, personally don't have a bad experiences in my grade school years. I love my childhood years! I was able to play outside care-free, worry-free and stress-free. For me it was the best stage of my life!! I have no problems in dealing with new friends way back then.. I don't know what happened to me and became so shy when it comes to meeting new friends now haha. 

I guess the only thing I worry before (as far as I remember) was: "Bibigyan kaya ako ng limang piso ni mama?", "Nako baka paluin ako ni Mama kapag late nako umuwi, natatakot ako", "papansinin kaya ako ni crush ngyaon?".. and all random childish stuffs haha. The only thing I regret was I never got the chance to play with my crush who live a few blocks away from us. Haaay hahahaha. Anywayz, I'm glad that I was able to play most of all the "kalye games" with my favorite "kalye friends" echoz haha. 

Going back to my Guidance and Counseling subject. Like what I said, we tackled about our experiences in our childhood years. In one of our activities, we were asked if we would like to time travel. Some were even to sensitive to talk about these issues but eventually they end up joining the activity :) So first our Professor told us to find our inner peace (Kungfu panda hahaha) and the time traveeeel begins (I will not illustrate it since I think I am not allowed to do so haha). Some of the good memories flash back right in to me and I feel so good, seriously.

When I was on my way home (I rode a jeepney by the way, I don't have a car yet haha; I sat beside the driver's seat), I saw some familiar faces from elementary, highschool and one of my "kalye friends". It freaks me out a little because a few hours ago they were in my "time travel memories" and then suddenly they just appear?? What a coincidence! Hahaha.

So yeaaaah so its just me and my thoughts once againnnn. I'm being weird soooo I shall end this! haha bye :> PS, I still don't have an assignment -.-

Forever '90 kid,
Ayette ♥

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