Sunday, July 07, 2013

Internet Addiction

I personally would say that I am an internet addict, who wouldn't? In this generation, most people revolve around technology. Some are for educational purposes, business purposes and some use it for fun because of all the cool application that has been invented and can be downloaded for free. Internet has been added somehow as part of our daily basis for some. As an internet addict like me, I always tend to check my social media applications unconsciously. There is this one scenario that when I woke up in the morning, even if my eyelids are not even wide open, I instantly grabbed by phone which is located at the side of my pillow and check my social media applications. It has been part of my daily routine in the morning; to see whether someone texted me, if someone tweeted me, and if someone send a personal message for me on Facebook. And after all that, that will only be the time wherein I will brush my teeth, wash my face and take my breakfast just like what normal people do every day. Also, when I was in high school, whenever I came back from school, I will immediately take off my uniform and seat directly to our desktop computer. Luckily I was able to control my addiction to social media games to date.

Internet addiction disorder (IAD), or, more broadly, Internet overuse, problematic computer use or pathological computer use, is excessive computer use that interferes with daily life. These terms avoid the term addiction and are not limited to any single cause. (Wikipedia). While time spent online can be hugely productive, compulsive Internet use can interfere with daily life, work, and relationships. When you feel more comfortable with your online friends than your real ones, or you can’t stop yourself from playing games, gambling, or compulsively surfing even when it has negative consequences in your life, then you may be using the Internet too much. It is not bad to use internet in our lives; In fact, internet makes our lives easy most especially to students who don’t have enough time to go to the library and find the references that they need. Many people turn to the Internet in order to manage unpleasant feelings such as stress, loneliness, depression, and anxiety. When you have a bad day and are looking for a way to escape your problems or to quickly relieve stress or self-soothe, the Internet can be an easily accessible outlet. But too much usage of internet could also be harmful to many people. Just like in what the article says that many countries most especially in South Korea wherein they consider Internet addiction as one of the most serious public health issues. Same cases in China and also in the United States.

There is perhaps a solution to lessen the usage of an individual’s addiction to internet. In my personal experience, it is not that easy to change a habit, but if you set your goal, nothing is impossible. Set goals for when you can use the Internet. For example, you might try setting a timer, scheduling use for certain times of day, or making a commitment to turn off the computer, tablet, or smart phone at the same time each night. It worked for me and I feel much better and light ever since because I am now able to sleep right on time. There is still a chance to change.

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