Tuesday, July 09, 2013

VPET: Chicken ala Carte

VPET is short for Ethics (the name is very long but it is all about Ethics anyway haha) a subject that I am taking right now. Our professor always give as this essay assignment shits and I think it'll be okay to post it in herrr :D So today's topic children issss, Chicken ala Carte :) 

I just finished watching the Chicken ala Carte, a documentary film by Ferdinand Dimadura year 2006. This documentary short film is all about a man who gets the leftover chickens from a fast food chain and collect the ones whom he thinks that still can be eaten by his family and children from his neighborhood. He would put in a container and separate some for his family. By dawn, these bunch of kids jumps for joy when they saw the container which has the leftovers and eat it, they were so happy as if they were eating a happy meal from Mcdonalds. And later that day, when he got home, his wife divides the leftover to their children’s plates to makes sure that everybody can eat. It amazes me to see how happy they were. That it doesn’t matter to them whether they’re food is clean or not, they’re just thankful that today, they have something to eat; that they still pray despite of the storm in life they’re experiencing right now; that they still have faith in God despite of everything.

            Tonight I realized that I am so lucky to eat at least three times a day; that I am able to eat any food that I want. Honestly, sometimes I even complain whenever I don’t like the food that my Mom cooked for us. I also sometimes complain whenever I don’t have something to eat every afternoon because the snacks run out of stock, or when Mom forgot to buy meryenda even though I just ate a few hours ago. I have so many complains in life, and today I realized that I am being selfish. That many people or children can’t eat thrice a day; in worst cases, some are lucky enough if they can eat twice a day. That the food I waste is an equivalent to the food that an individual eat every day. I always forget to thank God every day to all the blessings that He has given to me and my family, that I will always be contented on what I have. Lastly, I will forever be thankful to Him because I am lucky enough to have all the graces I am receiving right now.

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