Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Zombie Mode: Activated

It has been almost 3 days since the last time I get a proper sleep. The thesis month is already started and that means its-sleepless-nights month once again! Sad news is, our professor moved from another college and left us hanging. Just this September, our new professor in research has been announced. We had our consultation to him regarding our thesis, but he disapproves and told us to change it. Me and my thesis mates start from scratch and last Friday, our new professor told us that we'll have our mock defense on Wednesday so we better have our thesis prepared na daw. I was so angry because the fact that he wanted us to change our topic and start from the very beginning, KAPAL NYA PANG MAGHANGAD NG GANUN BADTRIP! Good thing the mock defense was moved this Saturday -.-

By the way, that wasn't the reason why I haven't blog for about a month now. August has been very uhm.. well in simplest form, it has been crazy! First, I joined in a makeup challenge online wherein I was able to make makeup tutorials on Youtube and luckily I was picked as one of the semi-finalists and was able to get free makeup goodies for the final challenge. I'll blog about my experience regarding this matter on a separate post nalang siguro haha. Also, it was my birthday month. And what I mean by my birthday month is that, I felt like I celebrated my birthday for the whole month of August. Cakes every week :3 owww, heaven! Haha. Again I'll do a separate blog post about that. hehe

That's all for now, I'm zooo sleeeeepy. Labyu!,
Ayette :)

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  1. I like your blog ayette ~ :3
    hihi, just leaving a comment here. ~