Friday, November 15, 2013

How's your October?

Woah woah woah. Time goes by so fast that I even forgot that I have a blog. I’m just too attached with my thoughts and I want to keep it to myself for awhile. By the way, I read books again. It’s been ages since I last read books; actually I only read one book back then and it was entitled Chicken Soup Teenage version stuff. See, I can’t even remember the title of the book even though I already read it like a thousand times. It was the only book that I have and buying new books to read wasn’t my main agenda to spend my money with that time; I’m into foods when I was in highschool. Yup call me Miss Fat Girl but unbelievably, I’m not fat before, I swear! I kinda regret eating way too much this college years cause I weigh double that my weight when I was still in high school. Oh well, that’s life. And oh, I’m also into exercising as of the moment. I am eager to burn this fat ass and getting ready to wear slim dress in our graduation ball. DON’T BLAME ME IF I’M EXCITED! I didn't experience such balls when I was in highschool!! Hahaha.

Also, I’m officially a techno girl (as I call myself) because because because.. I already have an Instragram woot woot! (LAAAME HAHAHA) Well my sister kind of… convinced me to make one since I posts some interesting photos on my Facebook and Twitter (not sure if they’re telling the truth or not haha). Since I’m into beauty stuff, I pretty sure 60 percent of my posts goes to beauty category.

And last but not least, I have exciting news to share!! This semester, I am…. A Dean’s Lister. It’s funny that my overall grade was exactly 1.75 and made it as one of the Dean’s Lister this semester. It’s my first time to be a Dean’s Lister so I still hyped about it. :”) and also I am not very much confident about it because I don’t think I did very well or excel this semester, or maybe it’s just my pessimist side telling me that I don’t deserve it and I am not worthy enough to deserve such achievement. O life, you’re so unpredictable.

And I would also like to take this opportunity to share my deepest sympathy to my fellow Filipinos who are struggling right now because of Typhoon Yolanda. How I wish I could help them but the only thing that I can do right now is to pray for their health and safety. May they never forget to seek help from God and always remember that they’re not alone in this situation. As we brothers and sisters, are always here for them to help them and lead them back on track no matter how hard it is. Whoever is reading this right, especially to my fellow Filipinos. Let us continue to pray for our brothers and sisters.

Love, Ayette.

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