Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014!

Few more hours left before the year ends! Excited and nervous at the same time! Excited for new adventures to overcome and nervous for the new path, new atmosphere, new beginnings. Seriously speaking, I'm really nervous and pressure about the "work" thing after graduation. I hope I will get into industrial setting which is in office rather than ending up in a work place that is not in my field. Also, my cray cray mind is telling me to pursue my makeup artistry since I'm pretty much good at it but ofcourse I also must consider the conscience nor possibilities if ever I do pursue it. Oh gawd it's gonna be one of a crazy year for me!! Well.. whatever happens; whatever the outcome may be, I'm still gonna be thankful for it because I will grow and learn from my decisions.

2013, thank you for teaching me that the person I wanna become depends on me and not to what others think of me. Thank you for showing me who my true friends are. Thank you for not letting me down this semester and even let me be a Dean's Lister this semester. Thank you for reminding me that I am good person, so I should act like one. Thank you for appreciating every aspects of me. Thank you for giving me courage to try something new that I never thought that will happen. You even let me enter into the Semi-finals of Avon's Blogger Makeup Challenge. Thank you for your endless support in every thing that I do. Whether it's about makeup or baking, you always whisper to my ears that "You did good, girl!". Thank you for building up my spirit whenever I feel that I am worthless for no apparent reason. You make ways to make me feel that I, am special too.

There is so much more to be thankful this year. And it wouldn't be great without the people who made my year awezumm :">

Happy New Year Everyone! May everyone have a good time with their friends and family :)

Love, ayette. ♥
AND OH, the highlighted "2013" is God.

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