Saturday, January 04, 2014

2013 Review

How about a recap to what happened in my cray cray 2013? :)
Warning: This is gonna be a one hell of a long post.


I filmed my very first makeup transformation slash makeup related video on Youtube. It has been one of my most viewed video so far which has almost 4000 views now on Youtube. What melts my heart is that, some people around the globe commented on it and says it was good :">

Won as Best Designer (although I really didn't do the "designing" hahaha. I just did the makeup of the models) together with my friend Rupewt.

Had a mini reunion with my SLR family way back 2nd year High School at Tramway Buffet Restaurant located at Roxas Blvd.


Filmed an Ideal Makeup Tutorial for Valentines Day :">

Surprised my bestfriend with these box of goodies thru LBC on Valentines Day. You gotta keep, treasure, and give importance to the people you value the most once in a while, right? :)

Just another makeup chronicles happened last February <3 font="">

 What I got on Valentine's Day :"> First time to receive chocolates on Valentine's Day :">

When I was about to punch my classmate on the face (loljk) I fell really really bad and THIS happen. hahaha. Kinda embarrassed but such a memorable experience haha. I miss being a kid :)

Everytime we see each other, is a memorable one :)


One of the few people I look up to when it comes to poetry. Hihi :"> Hi crush!
Saw him at National Book Store in Glorietta. Mej feeling close hahahaha

Natuwa lang ako sa pagkaka edit ko dito. Okaythanksbye

Thesis Defense with babies <3 font="">

Harlem Shake moment with Kapatids haha. One of the most unforgettable one hahaha


Ditched our ojt interview at Mandaluyong and went to Robinsons instead to watch It takes a man and a Woman. Hahaha mej malaki kupit ko that time hahaha

First time sa Trinoma with friends :)

Yung tipong masaya na kami sa pandesal at Kape as long na magkakasama kami :"> #kapatids


Dinner with Fambam, plus Daddy :">

Got featured on Glamourbox's Facebook account.

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