Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wishlist 2013 II

I started making Wishlist last year and I'm very happy that I was able to buy most of the things that I listed last year! Hihi. So I'm gonna make one again this year, next year, year after next year and so on.. Hahahaha

Here is my Wishlist last year:
  1. Doc Martens boots. (I really want to have one of those every since!!!)
  2. More than 20 nail polishes hihi
  3. New books to read
  4. Primadonna heels!
  5. Keds or Vans shoes
  6. Galaxy leggings
  7. Satchel bag
  8. More paints for my crafts!
  9. Make-up brushes PLS PLS PLS
  10. Lipsticks!
  11. Brown/dark brown pants
  12. Make-up organizer/box
  13. EOS lip balm (not the fake ones haha)
  14. More sweatshirts, baseball shirts. :3
  15. Faded strip top; any color.
  16. Studded ombre shorts
  17. More flat shoes/sandals
  18. Bought that flipflops that Mom is dying to buy since ages.
  19. Buy a new pair of sandals for Dad.
  20. New laptooooooop

As of today:

1. Well, YES. I finally have my own DM shoesss! After how many years (shipping arrival sucks, it took me 2 months to wait for my package.) it finally arrived! Although it is a few inches larger than my foot size, I don't wanna bother returning it and wait for the next batch to arrived. Soooo happppy!!!
2. I'm an addict when in comes to nail polish this year so yeah, definetely achieved that 20-nail-polish haha.
3. Not actually "actual book". I mean the hard copy ones. I did read the The Fault in Our Stars and Diary ng Panget last November but only in PDF :(. Is it counted?
4. Primadonna heels? Woah, I never thought I wrote that haha. I bought heels but from different brands. I'm not pretty hyped by Prima's collection this year that's why I did have a chance to buy one. Maybe this year? :">
5. Keds, no. Vans, yes. It was special because my Mom bought it for me as a birthday gift last August :)
6. Not my type anymore, so why bother buy one?
7. Too girly -.-
8. Did buy some few paints for my DIY's
9. Not yet :( BUT my mother bought me one (32 pieces) and my friends gave me one as a birthday gift (24 pieces). Now I have 56 brushes, I think that should be enough eh? haha
10. From 1 lipstick to 8 lipsticksto date :>
11. Nope.
12. My MOM helped me picked out one at Divisoria :) It is just a simple pink traincase, perfect for my makeup products.
13. Waaaah, why can I forget EOS? -.- still haven't bought one yet. :(
14. Well, I bought one, and it's too tight "-.-
15. Huhu can't find this anywhereeeeee
16. Again, not my style.
17. Well, I did bought some.
18. I recently found out that she really don't like those sandals. She just find it cute. So I'll buy her a ceramic pans instead this year.
19. Huhu. I promise this year, I will buy one for Daddy!
20. Wag na umasa. Hahaha


  1. I saw EOS lip balms at Robinsons Galleria Dept. Store. Maybe if you are near there you can buy one already! It is 230 pesos. ;)


  2. had to do a quick search, sorry. this is introvert