Saturday, December 26, 2015

Rock On, 2016!

It is that time of the year again when we tell ourselves... "New Year, New Me" bullshits. Lol 

I can still remember the 2014 version of myself saying "IM GONNA BE SKINNY BY THE END OF THE YEAR!"... and yeah... you guessed it right. *disappointment* 😂

This year (I hope) is gonna be different! I can feel it! ( A+ for being optimistic). 2016 is my year! All of the things that I wished and hoped for last year will all come to life this year! No more lazy ass and 'too tired' excuses. No more 'too busy' and 'It'll never gonna work out anyways' excuses. Time to act up and carry on. Time to move on and be strong (that rhymes! Hehe). No seriously, one main reason why I wasn't able to ride along in life this past few months, was because of the people around me. 

Work became so toxic. There's too much politics and whatnot. Filed a resignation not because of the work load that my manager has given to me...but because of the people that I am working with which  makes my work environment uncomfortable. Mga plastik kumbaga. Ay diosmio. Bahala na si Lord sakanila.
Second, love life. YEAHHHH I know...mababaw. 😒🙄 but come to think of it, they serves as an inspiration somehow. CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG but there are times where you just need someone who will appreciate the things that you do. Someone who will accept your flaws and human errors. Those small little things that matters so much. Oh well, kaya lovelife kasi ang daming paasa award ngayong 2015. But I will not go deeper to that issue anymore. Move on na tayo, para maging happy na tayo hehe.
Lastly, I've changed. And not for the better, no. Kung dati introvert ako, ngayon mas lumala. I dont even want to talk to people most of the time haha.

So tonight, 27th of December, 3:31am. I, Ayette Gonzales, pledged that:

1. I will always find time to exercise. No matter how tight my schedule might be.
2. To eat ONLY the right amount of food I need to consume everyday.
3. (continuation to no. 2) never say: "Minsan lang may ganito kaya kakain ako ng madami"; "lulubusin ko na to minsan lang to"; and last but not least, "bukas nalang ako magdidiet"
4. To always give. Share your blessings.
5. To always thank God for the all the blessing that he has given me.
6. Face the reality. Face the world. Stop hiding. Uy teh! Hindi forever dapat mahiyain ka. Matanda ka na uy! (I think this will be very hard, or almost impossible for me to conquer!! but who knows?)
7. Do not be afraid. Dont not be afraid to fall in love. Do not be afraid to get hurt. Do not be afraid to try.
8. Love over hate. Forgive those who had hurt you. Kill them with kindness.
9. Talk to people. (even though I despise human beings 😒)
10. Laugh harder. Laugh genuinely.
11. Make MORE people laugh. Tell them your corniest jokes, your green jokes, your pickup line jokes...all of them. Make their day filled with laughter and joy.
12. Be nice, always.
13. Lessen alcohol sessions. Nako ayette nakaka-laki ng tiyan yun remember? Hahaha
14. Spend more time with thy family.
15. Blog pa more. Hahaha lol
16. Save up! Gusto mo ng kotse diba? Haha
17. Build trust. (Lol hirap) trust Him.
18. Cut all the fake friends that you have. Girl you don't need those bitches. It is okay if you only have two to three long as they're real, you good. 
19. Stop being so melodramatic over little things. Wala ka sa telenovela uy! Hahahahahahahahaha
20. Lastly... ayette, please... stop reading people's mind. 😒 U crazy

Well, I guess that is all for tonight. I just really need to vent out that self realization once again. 😁 Antok na akez! Till next time! 

Ayette ❤️

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