Friday, January 01, 2016

All I Wanted this 2016 is..

God please.. bless me good health. That's all! Please! I beg you. That's all I ever wanted this year, and/or if you're so generous, pwede po hanggang forever na? Hehe lubusin ko na po.

I've been suffering since forever. Make it stop please 😢. I can't bare it much longer. It's too much. Why? Why me? I want to end this.. so I won't feel the pain anymore. I want to end this so I dont have to bother anyone anymore. I want to end this so I wont have to suffer anymore. I'm weak. I'm not as strong as anybody else. I give up easily; and it is nobody's fault.. I am not blaming anyone. I know that it is my fault somehow. Ang tigas tigas ng ulo mo ayette! Hindi ka mapag-sabihan! Alam mo na ngang bawal sayo pinag-pipilitin mo pa din! Tigas ng ulo mong bata ka! 

This New Year's Eve, I celebrated it laying in bed because I can't even get up. I get dizzy whenever I try to get up. It's hard. My chest is pounding really fast. My eyes burns. My body is weak. My throat hurts. My nose is clogged. Yep! What a HAPPY New Year indeed. 

Nevertheless, nothing's gonna stop me from celebrating this special event with the fam! 

Celebrated New Year's Eve with Daddy after 10 years! Woah! 

Y u touchin' the boobies? Hahaha

Boodle fight with thy neighbors even though its raining! 

Through thick and thin with siblings! Never been this close before! Hehe

Fuck this! 

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a good time!

Lord, balato nyo na po yung wish ko huhu,
- Ayette

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