Sunday, June 12, 2016

Forever Team Grimmie! #RIPChristina

Christina, first of all, I wanted to thank you for inspiring me and others. Your music touched so many lives and you're probably not even aware of it. Your undying love and care for your frands is beyond amazing. I don't regret being part of your fam/fans/frands. You deserve every bits of your success, too bad you're gone too soon :(. I am devasted for what happened to you. Truly saddened and shocked that someone would actually take the life of an incredible and amazing person! I literally cried when I heard the news and even tried convincing myself that it is not true.. that somehow you're still recovering. 

Thank you for your music. Your music always uplifts my spirit. My favorite was Tell my Mama. Dude, I always play that song nonstop whenever I take my shower. (Swear to God!) hahaha. I also love every single covers you made on Youtube! Subscribed since 2011! I am addicted to your rendition of Titanium and Rolling in the deep!!! Loooveee

Sorry I can't look at your pictures right now. It really really makes me sad and even gets me teary-eyed whenever I look at them. It may sound unrealistic and overdramatic but its true. You will forever be missed Christina! We love you and thank you for sharing your talent and music to us! May you finally be an elf in your next life. ❤️

Forever Team Grimmie,
Ayette :'(

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